Youth Recreation

Youth Recreation Programs 

Currently all school year and summer camp activities are subsidized by many generous partners allowing for us to provide recreation services to youth in Marin City and surrounding communities for a low cost to families. 

School Year Program 2014-2015

The Manzanita Recreation Center is open daily from 3:00pm-6:00pm for youth in grades K-8 and works in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Marin and Southern Sonoma to provide programming. The evening programming for young adults ages 14-18 are during the hours of 6:00pm-9:00pm. MCCSD works to provide a diverse program to improve the overall and wellness of our participants keeping them engaged in their community in productive ways.

There are various opportunities to become involved in the following Youth programs and activities:

  • Cooking class with Ms. Leticia Jones
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Basketball Leagues
  • Softball/Baseball Leagues
  • Drama
  • Boxercise
  • Nutrition
  • Gardening
  • Wrestling

 photo a9d30960-0729-4668-aa54-b28ce4b71741.jpg Coach Garland Duhe, 5th Grade basketball squad  photo Boys 4b Team.jpg 4B Team


Recreation Sponsors and Partners
We would like to extend a thank you to all of our supporting co-sponsors and partners: Summer Food Service Program funded by the USDA, Performing Stars,  County of Marin, St Anton & Ridgeway Apartments,  Bridge the Gap college prep, Marin County Parks and Open Space, The Hannah Collaborative, Jr Giants Baseball, The Marin Theater Company, the Magical Art Project, the Marin City Health and Wellness Center, the Marin City Library, the Mill Valley Swim Center, Trips for Kids, the Night Train Swimmers, and Communities and Excellence in Nutrition (CX3), Pacifics Baseball