Municipal Services

The Marin City Community Services District was formed to provide specific local municipal service to the Marin City community. These services now include Public Parks and Recreation for all ages, Street Lighting, and Refuse Collection. Additionally, the District initiates and participates in other activities that affect the well-being of the community such as community development planning, public safety and redevelopment.

Street Lighting

The public street lights in Marin City are owned collectively by the District and PG&E. Under an agreement with the District, PG&E provides maintenance for all light poles and fixtures.

To report a streetlight outage or potentially dangerous condition involving street lights, fixtures and accessories, call the District‘s office at (415) 332-1441 or PG&E directly at (800) 743-5000. Please provide the pole number and street location.

Refuse Collection

The District contracts with Bay Cities Refuse to provide the following services:

  • Back yard service garbage collection (weekly)
  • Single stream recycling (weekly)
  • Green waste collection (2X per month)
  • E-waste and hazardous waste recycling and disposal (Site in: San Rafael)
  • Street sweeping (weekly)
  • Free pick-ups (weekly and as needed)
  • Miscellaneous Yard clean ups (4 times per year: Jan., May, Aug., and Oct.)

To view the most recent rate sheet click here. Please contact the District office at (415) 332-1441 or Bay Cities Refuse at (415) 332-3646 with questions or comments regarding service.