Marin City's Governance

The District is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD)—a Legislative body of five members, which are elected at large. Board members or candidates must be voters of district. The district is governed by a publicly elected five member board. Members of the Board of Directors are publically elected by voters in Marin City and serve four year terms. Their role in Marin City is much like the city council in Novato, San Rafael, or Sausalito. Their duties include setting policy, providing organizational oversight and community leadership. Additionally, the board appoints a General Manager to manage the day to day operations of the District.

The GM is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and executing all District functions; including, carrying out the policies provided by the Board of Directors and the supervision District staff.

District residents are invited to submit proposals, voice concerns and testimonies for consideration of action at monthly Board of Directors meetings. At these public meetings, the Board discusses, approves, modifies and/or denies action items placed on its agenda.

Additional local municipal services including police and fire protection, public works (i.e. road maintenance, traffic lights, and signage), land use and planning, and health and human services are provided by the County of Marin. Marin City is located in the 3rd Supervisorial District of Marin County.