The Friends of Marin City

The Friends of Marin City is a 501c3 support agency created to help support projects, intiative and programs within Marin City aligned with it's vision and mission.

Objectives and Purpose

The specific purpose of the Friends of Marin City shall be to promote the health, education and welfare and otherwise enhance the lives of the residents of Marin City and surrounding communities by raising funds to support efforts by the Marin City Community Services District to create and maintain facilities in Marin City and to develop and operate programs to provide educational, recreational, and other activities for the residents of Marin City and surrounding communities, and otherwise to carry on charitable activities associated with these goals, as allowed by law.

Board of Directors

Nancy Johnson, President
Everette Brandon, Secretary
Royce McLemore
Belinda Ingraham, Treasurer/CFO
Gerald Norman

Chief Executive Officer
Johnathan Logan Jr.