District Mission

District Vision and Mission

Marin City is an Inclusive, Safe, Healthy, Thriving, and Environmentally Conscious community where all youth, adults, and seniors have an opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

To this end, Marin City Community Services District provides public parks and recreation, street lighting, and refuse collection services to Marin City residents. Further, The District provides public leadership in all matters that affect the community, including economic development, education, health and wellness, public safety, physical infrastructure, transportation, zoning, signage, land use planning, housing, and redevelopment.

District Strategic Plan Overview

In early 2010, the District adopted its strategic plan as a road map for the community and its organization. The plan includes District organizational goals that include: 1) Developing local financial resources and assets; 2) Increasing Staff Capacity and Expertise; 3) Improving Programs, Services, Facilities, Community Coordination and Governance, Authority, and; 4) Becoming Self-Sufficient and a Thriving Organization.

The District is guided by the following principles: community responsiveness, good fiscal management, non-reactionary, data-driven decision making practices, spirit of collaboration, and self-determination.

Objectives and Strategies

  1. Resource and Asset Development:
    Increase Operational Budget to an excess of $1 million; Develop a Rainy Day fund; Develop a Capital Fund; Purchase Real Estate and;Improve Bond Rating and Capacity. Strategies for resource and asset development and procurement include implementing launching a PILOT program, running a Parcel Tax initiative, implementing an Annual Fundraising Campaign, launch a Sales Tax initiative, work towards an Endowment and seek grant funding.
  2. Increased Staff Capacity and Expertise:
    Hire a Business/Finance Analyst and a Policy/Program Specialist. Increase our Recreation Aide Staff and Administrative Support. Strategies for development human resources include launching a Nation recruitment campaign, and positioning ourselves in a place to offer competitive salaries and benefits.
  3. Improved Programs, Services, Facilities, Community Coordination and Governance Authority
    The MCCSD endeavors to develop e a State of the art Community Center, as well as develop year-round youth, adult, senior recreation activities and social services for the community in order to improve programs and services. In order to increase community coordination and governance authority, we plan to establish a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), host more community recreation events and develop a communications plan. Some strides that we are actively taking towards these goals are, developing strategic partnerships with complimentary agencies that can assist us in serving our constituents, developing and launching our web site and eNewsletter in order to encourage a new broader base of support, and publishing Community Reports. These are a few of the objectives and strategies that will enable us to improve service delivery to constituents and aide us in strengthening our Governance authority.
  4. Become a Self-Sufficient and Thriving Organization
    The MCCSD will make strides towards incorporating, inversely becoming less dependent on outside support, enabling the District to make decisions that best serve its specific community. Additional, we intend to activate our additional latent powers which include police and fire protection (pursuant to SB135; 2005). Both objectives, when realized, will give residents a heightened sense of empowerment and give the District the hard resources necessary to reach a level of fiscal and operational vitality. To help achieve these objectives we propose to expand district boundary to increase our tax base, negotiate terms with other affected governments and work with LAFCO.